Data Centres

We provide turnkey, secure power and cooling solutions for data-centres, ensuring capacity and costs are optimised.


The average cost per minute of unplanned data center downtime can reach


per minute in 2010, according to a recent survey from the USA’s Ponemon Institute


saved by Hanley Energy through energy management since 2009

“We put our trust in Hanley Energy and they successfully delivered the contract. The guys designed a technology solution that more than meets CIE’s needs. Even after commissioning, they have been more than helpful in responding to my queries.”

Wexford Creamery

"We couldn’t have completed our project without Hanley Energy. Their knowledge and the data from the energy monitoring system allowed us to develop and deliver an energy monitoring programme for all employees."


“Hanley Energy’s solution started with a comprehensive assessment to understand how energy was used. This support has allowed me to understand how and where energy is used; it allows me to manage energy in a structured way and is an essential building block for compliance to ISO 50001.”